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How do I setup my email in Mac Mail?

Follow the instructions below to configure Mail for the Mac OS for use with your POP3 account.

Note: An example account name was used through the instructions. Please substitute your POP3 email address information for the account used in the instructions.

The example address is:
Account name is:
Domain is:

Configuration Steps:

  1. Start Mail.

  2. Click on the Mail item on the top menu, then choose/click the Preferences sup-option (as shown below):

  3. Click on the Account Tab on the top of the Preferences Menu.

  4. Fill in the information as follows:

    E-mail address: your new POP email address (e.g.
    Full Name: your name as you wish for it to appear in the from field of your emails
    Host Name:
    User Name: your new POP email address (e.g.
    Password: your selected password for your new POP account
    SMTP Server: e.g. (This will have been provided by your ISP)

    (Please use authentication when sending mail)

  5. Click OK. Configuration is now complete!

Setup complete. Run a test.

We recommend you perform a test to confirm your configuration and settings. You can try sending a message to check that the Outgoing mail server provided by your ISP is working correctly. If you encounter an error, please follow the instructions again and make sure that you have not mistyped anything during the setup.

Another common problem is if you mistype the password during setup. Simply re-type the password as you remember it and try again.

If you require assistance, please submit an enquiry or call 1300 667 036.

Website Services Hosting Domain Names Online Marketing Software Development Customer Service