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How do I access Webmail?

This page serves as a short tutorial on the usage of most popular features of our Webmail system. Webmail is web-based access to your email mailbox.

Logging in to Webmail

Your Webmail login page is your domain with the "webmail" prefix. For example, if your domain is, then your webmail login page is Your username is the full POP e-mail address e.g. The password will have been provided to you by us when your email account was created.

Composing an e-mail message

Once in the INBOX, click on the "Compose" icon in the Tool bar. A new window will pop up. You can save a copy of the message you are sending to your sent-mail folder by ticking the appropriate box on the compose window.

Creating a signature to your messages

To assign a signature to your new or reply messages, follow the below instructions.

  • Click "Options"
  • In "Your Information" column, click on "Personal Information".
  • Click on "Edit your Identities".
  • Fill in the form fields as you require and click "Change" to save this identity.

You can now return to INBOX or compose a new message to test the modification you have made.

You can create as many identities as you like. e.g. to mask your personal e-mail address with your work related info@ alias address.

Deleting messages

  • Tick the box on the left of the message that you want to delete.
  • Click the "Delete" link at the top of this column.
  • Click "Empty Trash" icon to clear it permanently from your mailbox.

Creating new folders

  • Click "Folders" icon
  • Tick the box next to "INBOX"
  • Select the appropriate function from the drop down menu
  • Enter the name of the folder in the pop up window and click OK
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